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Snipe-To-Win PC Software is subject to the same Terms as the Online version and comes with no guarantees of fitness. You should test it on a low cost auction or on an item you want but that has multiple listings if you desire to test out the program. That way you are either not out any serious money or you can re-bid on another auction. This allows you to become familiar with the program without risking losing an important auction. See the FAQ on the member site(linked in your confirmation email when you signed up) for more information.

Install the software by downloading and either selecting Save-As or Run. The .msi file is a windows installer.

Run the software by clicking the icon that now appears on your desktop or from the Start button..

The first time you run the software select Tools/Users to setup your account. Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen exactly. You must give eBay permission to allow the software to place bids for you and this will be in an eBay screen. This is called Linking and is explained on the user setup screen.

Once you have a user setup, you are ready to bid.

Find an auction and copy(ctrl-c) the url or the auction number, then click Add Auction in the Snipe-To-Win software. Paste the url or the auction number in the window. On the next screen you will set your snipe bid amount. Make sure you type the decimal, otherwise you may bid 200 instead of 2.00 on an item.

You can also select the option to watch an auction without setting a snipe bid. These will be in white, while snipe bids are in gray. Won auctions are green, lost auctions are red, and yellow means there was some problem with the auction.

You will receive an alert 5 minutes before an auction is closing letting you know it is about to end. The auction will open in your default browser too so you will know which auction is about to end.

If there are any problems, they will be shown in the log window or you can view them by selecting Tools/ViewLog.

You can change or disable the sounds in the Tools/Settings menu.

Everything else should be self explanatory.



Free Bonus Downloads

The below software should be on every eBay user's computer. It will help you track auctions and help you avoid fraudulent auctions. This software is also Free!

Auction Inquisitor - Scan an auction for signs of fraud before bidding. Never bid on an auction without first letting this program check it for common signs of fraud. Fraudulent auctions and dishonest sellers can usually be identified before a bid is placed. Auction Inquisitor knows what to check and will alert you when it detects dishonest sellers.
My Little Mole Toolbar - Handy search features combined with security! A pop-up alert warns you when you go to a website that is a known fraudulent website and it protects you from fake or spoof websites. This toolbar will alert you if you are on a look-alike PayPal or eBay website BEFORE you type in your password. This is a must have for every Internet user.
Tadpole Auction Watcher - Never miss an auction you are interested in again! This program monitors auctions you select and it will also automatically search eBay throughout the day and alert you when items you are interested in appear on eBay.


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