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Last Second Bidding is
THE secret to winning!

Snipe-To-Win® can take you to the next level and make you a winning eBay bidder. Don't you want to enjoy the thrill of winning auctions for a change.

Free Training Video: watch a free training video that shows you how snipe bidding works in the Education Center

Snipe-To-Win® ONLINE is Free for 30 days. Try the Online Bid Sniping service which lets you place unlimited bids for your 30 day trial. Continue unlimited bidding for only $5 a month or see the software below for a completely free unlimited option. Snipe-To-Win was designed by an eBay Power Seller® to meet the needs of buyers and sellers who want to win auctions at the best price.

Snipe-To-Win® PC SOFTWARE is a Free software program you can run on your computer desktop which will snipe for you and gives you unlimited free snipes. Use whichever method you prefer, software or the online system.
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  • Places your bid at the time you specify
  • Does not reveal your intentions to others
  • Avoids emotional bidding wars
  • And more, see the report above.

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    earn to win auctions at the best price in our Education Center

Snipe-To-Win® places a snipe bid on your eBay auctions seconds before the auction closes which gives you the best chance of winning! It also alerts you if bidding exceeds your snipe bid amount. Cancel your bid anytime before the end of an auction without the hassles of eBay cancellation procedures.

SELLERS: Use Tadpole Auction Watcher to monitor your auctions and alerts you when bids are placed, alerts you when negative feedback is left, and can even leave automatic feedback. All features are fully configurable.



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